The last time I rode/owned a bike was in 1997 – it’s also the year a relative stole that very bike. Most of the time, I rode with no intended destination – five miles here, twenty miles there, it was great. Looking back, I miss those times. Being in the present, I need those times.

In early spring of this year, I decided that I needed to purchase a bike. The reasons were multiple but at the heart of it was two specific areas.

Boredom: I have a tendency to get bored very quickly. The result is that I become easily annoyed and irritated. A friend once told me that the reason I get bored easily is because I’m not use to having longs periods of time where I don’t have to do anything. “It’s like you have to search for something productive to do”, she said. Of course I denied her observation but the reality is, she was right. Whether family or business related, I’m always thinking about the next move. Sure I make sure to have a getaway but that’s typically 13 days out the year in USVI or maybe NYC. What about the other days?

Sunset from Bike Trail in Ohio. Photographed by DeShawn Scott

Time for Me: I love what I do – a day doesn’t go by that I don’t thank God for the blessing. I’m in the service industry primarily so my interaction with people and technology is on a daily basis. Nothing slows down at the home-front either. I’m doing the things a loving husband/father should do and I love every minute of it. But at some point, there has to be time made for me.

I joke with people that in a past life, I was probably a leopard because I enjoy being solitary. Growing up I’d have the best times playing by myself or going on adventures to unknown (but safe) areas. My mom didn’t approve of the latter so usually I had to sneak off. But as I’ve gotten older that sense of adventure and need for being solitary, if only to discover myself has eluded me. There’s no one to blame, and the remedy, at least for me was simple.

Scenes from a Bike Trail in Trumbull County, Ohio.

The Cure: I decided to buy a bike because it would help remedy the above reasons… at least to some degree. When I get bored, I can simply gear up and hit the road or trails. In doing this, I can explore with no destination in mind or; spend time in a quite park writing in my journal or Book of Ideas to document creative shoots I want to do. Whatever it is, having only to focus on a bike path versus complex spreadsheets or numerous emails is invigorating.

Photograph of DeShawn Scott on Bike Trail

Writing in journal. Photographed by DeShawn Scott.

Graffiti on bridge in Trumbull County Ohio. Photographed by DeShawn Scott.

Bicyclist riding on Bike Trail in Trumbull County, Ohio

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