An Opportunity from David Walker

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to co-star in a short five minute film directed and produced by David Walker titled, ‘The Interview’. Despite not being an actor, this would be my second time working David… aka Walk-Star.

In comparison to the first film,’No More Ugly Jessica‘, the script for the Interview took a couple days for me to wrap my head around – it’s just different. I won’t give you the synopsis because doing so would really lessen the impact of the film. By the first 30 seconds, you’ll have an understanding. Thus far, the feedback from those who’ve watched the film has been great. You can watch the film at the end of this post but before you do that…

David Walker: Before AdulthoodDavid Walker and DeShawn Scott

I’ve known David since the age of seven. It was always assured that I’d see him on the weekends when I stayed over my G-Ma’s. Along with the other neighborhood kids, we’d typically spend our time playing games like Freeze Tag, ABC Block, Mother May I, and Hide and Seek. One thing we always played was… The Super Friends.

I recall David typically being Batman… the other kids or those considered “the leaders of the gang”, would have their choice of the cool characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc. As for me, I got stuck with characters that were only introduced to the show for diversity reasons: Apache Chief or Black Vulcan (who is sometimes called Black Lighting or Black Falcon). If my cousin felt like being nice to me, she and I would be the Wonder Twins 🙂

Who knew the professions we’d all wind up working in. As far as David goes, I’m not surprised that he’s making movies. He’s been a creative and kind-hearted guy for as long as I can remember.

Enjoy the short film.

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2 thoughts on “A Short Film by David Walker

  • David Clouser

    Wow! This was excellent! I have only one issue, and that is the suggestion that Mitt Romney could have been our president… 😉

    • Ha! Ha! Thanks Dave. I changed the post a bit but it still had the same context. Thank you for reading.