For personal reasons, I don’t celebrate the Fourth of July as a Holiday. Having said that, I do enjoy a fireworks show anytime of the year.

Until a few days before the 4th, I had no plans to watch fireworks. In fact, getting this blog-site completed was the only thing on my agenda (while drinking Gin & Tonics 🙂 This was all until our office building manager said the following: “Hey, why don’t you and your family watch the city fireworks show on top of the roof?” Not once in the three years I’ve been here had it ever dawned on me to consider watching fireworks from the tallest building in the city which my company is housed! Obviously, I took him up on his offer.

On the evening of the fourth, my original game-plan was to leave my camera gear at home and just take-in the firework show with my family… yeah right. Even if I chose not to photograph fireworks, the visual journalist in me would’ve yearned to document my family enjoying the fireworks. So the original game plan was nixed and I decided to bring my camera gear.

After arriving at the location and opening up my equipment case, I discovered not only did I bring the wrong lens (a 50mm versus my 24mm), I also forgot the remote trigger. There was no time to go back home to grab everything and all around the building you could see firework shows happening in other cities miles away. So I decided to stick with the 50mm and use the camera’s self timer… it was just a matter of positioning the camera further with the 50mm and finding the right time to activate the self-timer.

Once the fireworks started and about 10 minutes of photographing it, I got bored. Although it was my first time photographing fireworks, I was very happy with what I captured – it was an accomplished challenge. Remember earlier when I mentioned documenting my family watching fireworks? That’s what I decided to do – fireworks and silhouettes. With a 10″ shutter-speed, 100 ISO, and f/11-f/16 aperture, I was able to create a different type of fireworks image that included me, my wife, and son. Below are a few images from that wonderful night. Thank you for reading.


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