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I fell in love with the forest area of the  James H. Barrow Field Station many years ago as a student of Hiram College. The ecology class that exposed me to Barrow’s wasn’t so joyful as my final grade reflected. Since 2003, I make a trip back once a year – typically during late summer or early fall.

The vastness and beauty of  the forest is a hiker, nature lover, or photographers delight! For me, hiking within the forest is personal therapy. My typical day is hectic – it starts at 4:30AM and ends around 11PM. Like many of you, in between those times I’m dealing with running a business, co-managing a family, planning for the future…etc. However, within the forest, everything slows down for me. I take in the sun’s rays seeping through the leaves and branches; the sound of wildlife blanketing the air, and in every direction I witness the beauty and oddity of nature.

Accompanying me on my “personal therapy” time are one or two cameras – the Nikon D700 with a wide angle lens and/or my Fuji x100t (my favorite traveling camera). The time I visit the forest depends on the type of lighting I want: mid-afternoon for contrast, early evening for a warmer look or morning for the bluish tones. Each provides different photo opportunities to capture colorful mushrooms; large rocks invaded by moss; cool tree formations; light spills; and once in awhile… wildlife (depending on the type of lens you bring).

This year I visited the Field Station a little earlier than usual and (side note – my wife hated it… bugs and all). I’m pretty sure I’ll make another visit in September or when the leaves start to change… In the meantime, if you enjoy nature, hiking or nature photography, I highly recommend you check out the James H. Barrow Field Station (and forest). Thank you for reading.

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