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A few months ago, I posted a journal entry called Your Ears Yearn for Music. Not only did I enjoy your feedback, the recommendations some of you made regarding artists I should check out, was on point – thank you. For those new to this journal entry, here’s a quick side note: While I enjoy all types of music, this journal post is focused on “downtempo chill-out” (as broad as it is). The type of music a hip and modern styled lounge would play at a nice sound level while we enjoyed delicious cocktails and adult conversations. Let’s get started…

Lounge inside of Grand Hyatt, NYC

Finished glasses of Manhattans at a high ISO. Photographed by DeShawn Scott

This weeks  Top 7 :

1. Jata – Albums: The Bells EP1 and EP2  | The Scoop: My favorite song is on The Bells EP1 is titled ‘Stay’. On EP2 check out the song ‘Apocalypse‘. The artist was recommended to me by Spotify Premium. What’s scary is that their recommendations are 90% accurate.

2. J. Viewz – Track: Don’t Pull Away (featuring Miloh)| The Scoop: I discovered this track on Apple Music’s Chill Radio Station. Prior to that, I never heard of J. Viewz but immediately recognized the voice of Miloh. Really like the flow and lyrics of this song.

3. Lana Del Ray – Track: Freak | The Scoop: Off her newest album ‘Honeymoon’, the only thing I’ll say hear is that this song makes me want to do naughty things. That is all.

4. Cannons – Album: Spells | The Scoop: The three tracks featured on the album are consistent. The deep beats and lush vocals play well together on every song. The title song, “Spells”, is my favorite – every time I hear it, I imagine being in a VIP Lounge at 4am enjoying raunchy adult conversations and slick cocktails.

5. Doja Kat – Track: So High | The  Scoop: When I first played this track, my son looked at me like I was too old to listen to such music. The lyrics are cool but I really dig the beat and hook. Definitely a song I’d play during a swank dinner party.

6. Rome Fortune – Track: Tropical | The Scoop: Another track my son was shocked to hear me play. It’s sorta rap but with chilled essence. Something you’d hear on a movie soundtrack and watch the credits to see who the hell made the song.

7. Odeza– Track: It’s Only (featuring Zyra) | The Scoop: Odeza’s complete album, In Return (Deluxe Edition) is N-I-C-E. The album features dope artists like Little Dragon. But my favorite track is ‘It’s Only’. Zyra’s voice lays down nice on top of the beat and her lyrics are deep and somewhat creepy-sexy. You may hear this track and Little Dragon’s in the more upscale chic restaurants and lounges.

I’ll have another Top 7 list for you music lovers very soon. Until then don’t forget to comment and shoot me some recommendations.

Thanks for reading.

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