Muse: a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

The above video will give you more details about the casting call but please read below.

  • These projects are artistic endeavors. No nudes or kinky stuff.
  • Professionalism is demanded by everyone on my team.
  • Drama is prohibited.
  • The weekends are typically our shoot days. If this is a conflict, this casting isn’t for you.
  • Friends and family are not permitted on our worksites.
  • You will be required to sign a model release.
  • The deadline to apply is February 15th, 2016. The sooner you submit the better. I’ve been known to find the perfect person on the first casting day.
  • If you have video conferencing capability, that’s excellent. (ex. Facetime, Skype)
  • I anticipate working with you on 4-5 projects this year.
  • Follow the submission requirements precisely.
  • Send unedited/non-retouched photographs.
  • Photographs taken with your mobile phone are fine as long as they have good lighting and are in focus.

The video will give you more details. Thanks viewing.


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