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This is my third journal entry with music recommendations as the topic and if you’ve been following, you know that the title of each one varies – I think this title will stick. On another note, my apologies for the delay in getting this journal entry out. If you’ve missed my previous music recommendation entries, you can check them out here and here.

As always with my list, the music genres vary and you’ll rarely hear the tracks on the radio –  maybe on a dope international film soundtrack. Also, the list is primarily low-mid BPM tracks so if you’re into the pulsating uptempo stuff, it won’t be here. Let’s get started.

This weeks  Top 7

1. Unbuttoned – Album: Planes | The Scoop: I stumbled upon this artist a few days ago scrolling through Spotify. I’m still giving it a thorough listen but thus far, it’s nice. My two favorite tracks are: ‘Berlin’, and ‘Suitcases’.

2. Negium Beats – Album:  Sweet Life| The Scoop: Purely dope-beat instrumentals. In fact, I used the song ‘Life in Abundance’ for a video portrait. If you’re into Hip-Hop but enjoy the beats more than the lyrics… check them out.

3. Hippie Sabotage – Album: Providence | The Scoop: Based on their name, you wouldn’t think this group created the type of music they do. Similar to the above group but more well known, Hippie Sabotage supplies a basket of fresh instrumentals to chill too.

4. Lilacs & Champagne – Album: Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh | The Scoop: Trust me, it wasn’t my intent to list three groups with a focus on instrumentals… it just happened that way as I started typing this out for you. Although featuring instrumentals like the above groups, Lilacs & Champagne have a different vibe – to understand this, listen to the track (my favorite) ‘Roses and Kisses’ or ‘Longjohn’s Lust’.

5. Kissey AsplundTrack: Move Me (Featuring Soliloquy) | The  Scoop: You can find this track on the OM Lounge 15 Year Anniversary Album. Although it came out a few years back, time doesn’t date this track. In fact, I bet if you played it among company, the majority will have never heard the song before. I recommend playing this at a low volume with cocktail in-hand… and good conversation happening.

6. Samantha James – Album: Subconscious | The Scoop: I don’t know what happened to Samantha James after this 2010 album. My first time hearing her was on an OM Lounge Compilation back in 2007… from that point I became a fan. Check out the song ‘Amber Sky’. Here’s a link to learn more about her on the OM Records website.

7. Wolves of Winter – Track: Astrothoughts | The Scoop: When you listen to this you’ll know it’s way on the other side of my “recommendation spectrum”. It has a hint of heavy-metal but me describing it won’t do any justice. Just listen.

More to come. Until then shoot me some of your recommendations.

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