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When not working for The D5 Group or Red Karma Photography, I like to spend time with my Fuji X100t doing street photography. Unlike being on the streets of New York City and other large metro areas, doing street photography here requires a precise strategy. I’d love to walk out my door or catch the subway to have the opportunity to photograph thousands of people, but that’s not the case. Instead, like I did participating in the 24 Hour Project, I strategize by pinpointing locations where the best opportunity to do street photography will be: perhaps hanging out in downtown Youngstown, Ohio from 1AM-3AM or visiting the local festival at a specific time. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the planning and execution process. It feels great especially when everything works out to perfection.

Recently, I decided to create an Instagram Feed that showcases my street photography in the Greater Warren-Youngstown area… what we call the Mahoning Valley. I did this for a couple of reasons: 1.) to have a dedicated Instagram Feed that allows me to focus on one photo genre  2.) To network with fellow street photographers and 3.) to get noticed by art directors/businesses for potential opportunities. The latter may be difficult, but unlike my fellow photographers in the big cities, there aren’t many street photographers here in the Valley – so this provides me with an opportunity. Remember, always seek opportunities!

You can check out People of the Valley Instagram Feed here. If you have an Instagram account, show some love and follow. Thank you.

Warren Street Art Hop 2015 Photographed by DeShawn Scott
Warren Street Art Hop 2015 | Photographed by DeShawn Scott

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