If you thought my blog (Journal) was only going to be about photography… you’re wrong. ūüôā¬†¬†Today, I want to chat¬†about my second love (outside of¬†family), music.

I can’t tell you the last time I listened to mainstream radio… in fact, I can’t tell you the last time I bought a CD – my guess would be over seven years.¬†The music I enjoy will probably never make radio play. You see, I like love downtempo electronica and a few other hard to define genres. Many of these artist are undiscovered¬†or emerging and sometimes, you’ll hear their tracks on some of the coolest movie soundtracks.

Typically, whenever I have a little get-together, my guest will ask about the music selection and where to find the music. This is what inspired me to start a journal series on the subject.

Every few¬†weeks, I’ll be journaling about music I’ve discovered. Most of the music¬†will be in the downtempo or chill-out genre but I may hit a few others. What the music will have in common is it’ll be the type of music you can¬†chill out to. Whether by yourself, with guests, or your significant other over cocktails and conversation. So lets get started AND if you know¬†artist that fit this category and¬†you’d like to share, PLEASE list them in the comment section below.

Youngstown commercial and editorial photographer, DeShawn Scott.


Although¬†a specific song/album may be listed, I encourage you to explore their complete music catalog whether it’s on Spotify, Sound Cloud, Itunes or Amazon.

This weeks  Top 7 Artist/Tracks/Albums to check out.

1. BanksAlbum: Goddess (Deluxe Album)  | My Scoop: My wife, sister-in-law, and son has this artist on constant rotation. Really not a bad song on here.

2. Shy Girls¬†– Albums: 4WZ, Time Share¬†| My Scoop: Sorta reminds me of the Weekend but I like Shy Girls¬†much more. You be the judge. Check out the song “Clean Cut”.

3. Om UnitTrack: The Silence (featuring Jinadu). | My Scoop: Seriously, if your stereo has a nice balanced sound, grab a drink, turn this up and let the bass, synths and lyrics take you there.

4. Submotion Orchestra Album: Alium, and Finest Hour. | My Scoop: Honestly, I gravitate to Alium, especially the song Trust/Lust. Ladies, will like Alium as well.

5. The Internet Band РTrack: Girl (Featuring Kaytranada). | My Scoop: I found this group while searching Sound Cloud. Nice lyrics, smooth bass, and nice rhythm. Could be a female anthem.  You can find it here.

6. Ben Watt and Baby BlakTrack: Old Soul. | My¬†Scoop: If you like spoken word with deep thought and chilled sound,¬†you’ll like¬†this. It might be hard to find outside of Spotify, I’m not sure.

7. Synkro – Albums: Acceptance (EP) and Lost Here (EP) | My Scoop:¬†Okay my wife will tell you she’s sick of hearing the song Acceptance, but hear me out… that track is fire – I love the lush voice and beat.¬†On the “Lost Here EP” check out “In my Arms”, featuring Manos. Admittedly, ¬†Synkro is one of my favorite groups so I’m sort of biased. You’ll like at least a couple of their tracks and¬†I encourage you to explore more. Interesting fact I’ll share: I once listened to Synkro’s¬†track,¬†“Nights of Pleasure”, over 52 times straight because I was on a long flight (3.5 hours) and it was the only thing that kept me calm. ¬†I don’t like long flights, 1.5 hours max… true story.

Well, that’s it. I’m headed outside to sip a crisp Gin & Tonic while my “Chill Out” Playlist takes me into the night. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to shoot me some good music below as well.

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5 thoughts on “Your Ears Yearn for New Music

  • Rebecca Banks

    thanks! i will be checking out all these artists. This is my first time hearing about any of them, and I love to find new music. I love to introduce it to my listeners on Love and Music as well.

  • Rebecca Banks

    lol. i too have played a song over and over ad nausem but due to loving it so much. =0

  • mila provitt

    I don’t know what interests your ear, BUT if you haven’t already, check out sampha, along with james blake, and jessie boykins. Just a couple suggestions!

    • DeShawn Scott

      Hello Mila, thanks for checking out my blog and the music intel. I’m hip to James Blake, and Jessie Boykins – definitely going to check out Sampha.